Technology & Customer Development

Technology & Customer Development

Technology & Customer Development

Technology companies are constantly moving from start-up to launch to growth to decay…then the process start all over again. So the process of getting from idea to making money is a revolving cycle. It all starts with an idea.

Minimum Viable Product

Developing a product, APP or website or software? It all starts with what is called a ” Minimum Viable Product”. The goal is to take an idea, building something rather quickly and get it in front of customers to get their opinion. Of course you can do this in more expensive way, which most people tend to do. We can help get you a prototype that you can use to talk to customers.

Customer Discovery

You need a basic product to show potential customers. The Customer Discovery process is part of the lean start-up philosophy. This process is a little more complex than marketing and selling a product with a known market. The best customers need to be “discovered”.

Business Case Development

Making money is what it is all about. Once you have a minimum viable product you ha e something you can show potential customers; so you can determine if the idea you have actually has a need. To be able to offer to a customer you need to have the business case and the structure understood to make money.

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