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Inventor Services

Any invention idea, in order to be pursued on its own, requires feedback to make it truly valuable. Feedback from subject matter expertise, customers and strategist are invaluable to making a successful invention. PinterEC in Canada, offers you invention development and consulting services to help you refine your innovative idea to make it appealing to would be customers.

Although, there’s no accurate recipe for the success of a tech startup, our 15+ years of experience in invention consulting can help you win a place of your own in the market. At PinterEC, we empower inventors to design and develop their innovative ideas into real commercial products.


We value your ideas and are dedicated to refining them further

We consider an innovation concept from all angles, analyze the prior art, both patents, and products available on the market, and propose new concepts and variations inspired by it. The product concepts are a part of our inventor services, which also includes customer discovery, sales model, technology protection measures and funding opportunities.

At PinterEC, we are masters of the art of ideation. We take our clients through the journey of invention development. From problem definition, customer discovery, prototyping and demonstration our invention consultants, help startups come up with robust solutions to make your business a major success. Putting all the essential resources to work and generating the required output, we will tell you the “how(s)” and “when(s)” along the way.

Are you looking for invention help in Canada? PinterEC has answers to all your questions. Contact us for more information.

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