Scientific & Market Research

Scientific & Market Research

Scientific & Market Research

Technology companies do more than just sell a product, APP or website. Technology businesses change the world. Disruptive technology drives innovation and innovation is proven by need. It all starts with research. Scientific research creates the technology and market research proves that technology is innovative.

Scientific Research

We do ongoing basic or pure research in a number of areas. Success in research creates new research, research is always changing. We have extensive experience in doing research in wireless communication, WIFI protocol, mesh network protocol, voice encryption, environmental conditioning and many other areas of research. Currently we are focused on renewable energy, artificial intelligence and internet data communications.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development

We are a qualified SR&ED company as defined by the Canadian government. We understand the eligibility requirements, technical uncertainty and the methods used to conduct research for innovative change.

Link to the SR&ED Program

Market Research

if you build technology in isolation, you are creating something with a value recognized only by the people who are involved in the project. To make something innovative, a great idea requires the approval of others. We focus our market research efforts specifically towards the implementation of disruptive technology.

Innovation is defined by creating something new that others find valuable.

Chris Pinter, 2012

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