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RF Engineering

RF Engineering

RF Engineering

For over twenty years we have been developing and deploying radio and wireless systems through out the world and close to home. We have been part of some great projects including Microsoft Xbox and ZUNE projects, Texas Instruments Low Power Radio IC projects, NorthWest Tel (a division of Bell) system integration and countless technical projects for smaller companies such as Massload Technologies and Veriteq Instruments, to name a few.

Troubleshooting and Engineering Support.

We enjoy helping others with circuit design or system deployment. We are very comfortable working on troubleshooting issues, engineering support and mentoring other RF Engineers.

  • Radio Frequency Design
  • Antenna Development
  • RF functional and pre-certification testing
  • Amplifier osculation and stability
  • Noise figure testing
  • Transmission line efficiency

Industry experience and a proven track record.

Many of our customers have sophisticated resources for product development. Some have a more basic understanding of their needs. We have the resources and capabilities to help all sizes of a tech company with their RF Engineering projects. A small selection of our customers include the following:

Make an appointment to discuss your RF or Wireless project.

If you have technological challenges with your radio circuit system or just need a little help understanding the complexities of radio engineering please schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

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