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All great business start with great ideas. But great ideas do not just materialize. Every great idea starts as a basic idea and needs to be improved to get the balance between customer value, profit model, marketing and deliverability.

Our Concept Evaluation service is intended to help you either polish the idea or reject it because it is failed in some way. This service will not provide you a complete business strategy. The intent is to kick it around and identify the obstacles.

This service will accomplish the following:
1. Review the requirements of the product to be developed,
2. Review the target audience and the market research you have gathered,
3. Review your capabilities to develop the product and deliver to your customer.
4. We will then provide a number of options as to what might be achievable.

To accomplish these three goals we will need to review any documentation you have created, interview yourself and your staff and take a look at your capabilities.


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