Clever piece of engineering or not? (Battery Tech)

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An ongoing project at my local radio club, the Ripon and District, has been to try and sort out the LF antenna. This is an end fed one, from the end of the bunker and it goes up to the eaves of the Town Hall. On the end is one of those “smart-tuner” units that’s been playing up. So whilst we were doing our 30th club birthday event, we let loose the menders.


RSSI- Used as a sensor

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Michael asked:  “Hi Sir,   I would like to design a project that functions depending on the signal strength of a RF signal. I read about received signal strength indicator, and somehow I think this is useful info. The concept of the project is to vary the output (e.g. a transducer) depending on the signal strength of an oncoming transmitter. What IC can i use? Thanks ”