Perfection is something that we all claim to strive for. Well at least some of us. There are some people in this world who have given up long ago. But maybe the idea of perfection is Perfection is achievableflawed. We think of perfections as something that cannot be improved.[1] This would imply that you are not done until every aspect of the task has been reviewed, analyzed and redone several times. This can result in repeated attempts that can takes weeks to complete.

I think perfection is more of a journey and not a destination. It is more like a gradient than a point far above me. This is something achievable as the level of perfection can be altered according to the importance of the task. This allows me to apply just the right amount of effort to achieve the goal…not too much not too little. This way I can still have success but not waste my time getting it “right”.

Chris Pinter, April 24, 2016



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