First choose your frequency before you start.

The following question was posted on element-14

I’m designing a wireless consumer electronics product that needs very little range… (max 3 meters) and also very little power usage.  One part of the device needs only TX capabilities, and the other only RX capabilities.

My problem is that i don’t know how or where to find information on which frequency bands are available/legal to use for consumer electronics.  I am from Denmark and this is also primarily where the product will be sold, so I KNOW there are rules and regulations regarding the use of frequency bands.

Chris Pinter replied.  “

When you are first looking at developing a radio for consumer use the first thing you need to do is contact the agency that regulates the spectrum in the area you wish to sell you product.  In your case this would be the National IT and Telecom Agency.  There website is

You need to describe to them what type of product you will be selling.  They will point you to the right regulations that you need to read in order to get approval to sell you product in Denmark.

Once you know what the regulations are then you can contact the semiconductor manufactures to find out what solutions they have that you can use to develop your product.”

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