GPS modem interfacing with controllers

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Alexandru Nicu Muntean wrote the following ”

I am a student and I plan on making a final year project. I am trying to connect a controller to a mobile device using a wireless connection. I have no idea what kind of wireless module to use. Are there some kind of GPS modems that can do this task? I am planning on transfering large data if possible. Maybe a GPRS or EDGE connection can be realized some how.

I have also heard about some long distance wireless kits ( can go up to 7km). Can these be connected to my smartphone/PDA?I know these are using 802.15 protocol while the phone WiFi is 802.11g.

Chris Pinter answered with the following:  ”  I am afraid you might be biting off more than you can chew.  There are a couple of facts you need to be aware of.

1.  GPS stands for global positioning system.  This system provides you with a location of the earth using a receiver unit on the ground.  The system has some 32 satellites in space and orbit the planet.  The receiver on the ground picks up signals from each of the satellites and can determine the location on the earth.  see…

2. GPRS stands for General packet radio service.  It is a cellular phone service that allows you to transmit data information through the cellular phone system.  However, it is not necessarily available from all of the telephone companies. see….

3. Developing a cellular phone module is not easy nor  is it cheap.  It should definitely not be done by a student.   The development costs will run you over $50,000 or even $250,000 and the certification costs will be close to $50,000 as well.  You need certification or at least a partnership agreement with the cellular phone company before you are allowed to test on the cellular network of choose.

4.  The picture of the development kit you provided is not a schematic and does not do anything.  The picture you provided is an interface board that will allow you to interface between a RF module and the development PC.  You need to research what module you need first before you buy one of these.

If you are planning to building something for a class project ( ie: your industry project)  you need to think smaller.   I would suggest you look at a radio frequency link that uses modules.   There are many companies on the market that provide you a simple wireless system to get you going.

Here are a few.

Need more help see.

Hope this helps,

Chris Pinter

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