Creating a new product.

The topic of  ” Have you designed, produced and sold your new product? ”  by Cabe Atwell was posted on element-14.

Has anyone here ever developed a products and sold it by yourself? If you have, share your story with us. What difficulties did you face? What should one do when it’s time to sell a product? I know a lot of people here could use a few tips in this area.


Chris Pinter answers  “Developing a product, producing and selling a product are what entrepreneur dream of.  It is a rollercoaster of successes and failures and requires a strong will and desire to persist despite the many obstacles you will face.

We developed a GPS tracking system under the name Quino Solutions inc.    We developed two main products using the same GPS hardware technology.  One product is sold to police, military and private investigators to track suspects and understand where a person goes in order to develop an understanding of suspects daily activates.   We also developed a mileage tracking tool that helps sales people and mobile technical employees the ability to automatically keep track of their travel expenses and mileage used by their personal vehicle for business use.

This project required a fair amount of understanding in finance, marketing, engineering and human resources.   The project was very successful and won a number of awards. The process we used to become so successful is the following:

  • Come up with a great idea.
  • Talk to people about it and find out what people want.
  • Get funding and gather your development team.
  • Develop the product
  • Go to market
  • Achieve success….win lots of awards.

This is a most basic steps and it appears intuitive and rather obverse.  However, we have helped many clients who have not gone through each of these steps.  Some have even changed the order of the steps and as a result have failed miserably. If you would like more information and want to achieve success take a look at how we can help.  Pinter Electronics Consultants.”

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