Certification of a CC2510DK-MINI based product

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I would like to build a product based on this radio and especially going straight forward with a copy paste of the CC2510DK-MINI development kit for the radio part and running Simpliciti for the stack.

Assuming there is no change on the radio side that would have a major impact, neither minor… and that the radio is running like the default simple peer to peer Simpliciti project, are there any major concerns going through certification for europe ?

I guess goal of these kits is to go quickly from idea/prototyping to product that can be sold. So i guess the answer will be interesting for quite a lot of people !

Additionnal question: Does the certification needs to be done with the radio in it’s product case ? Or can it be run only on the radio board without any casing? I would say that the radio needs to be in it’s case, since that would influence the radio transmitting power… Anyone can confirm ?

Pinter Electronics Consultants’ answered:

Chris Pinter answers, “Certification of a radio can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000 for FCC certification if you plan to sell the product inside the US.  The nice thing is that the TI devices are well designed and should be easy to certify when you get to that stage.”

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