AN082 — Two-Way Audio Communications

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When I try to compile the CodecEVM_OneWay_CC1110_12kHz16bits project I have an error:

Fatal Error[Pe005]: could not open source file “twoway.h” C:AN082_SRC_GERBEROneWay_CC1110CodecEVM_One_Way_CC1110_12kHz16bitssrctw_main.c 12

This error occours only in the CodecEVM_OneWay_CC1110_12kHz16bits project, in the other project (CodecEVM_TwoWay_RevB_CC1110, CodecEVM_OneWay_CC2510_12kHz16bits) all works fine.

twoway.h file is in inc/ directory.

Pinter Electronics Consultants’ answered:

Chris Pinter answers, “For some reason the file that lists twoway.h cannot find the file.   You will need to find out why.  Try the following.

1. Review the compile setup to make sure the set up is the same as your previous project.

2. There might be an error in the code file.  Are you pointing to the directory?”

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