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I am trying to construct a server whereby it can be able to receive information and detect the location of a particular wireless signal.

I have a product which is worn on the hand of a person. It is suppose to be able to detect the pulse rate of the particular person and if this pulse rate exceed the “critical pulse rate” set in the program, it will transmit a signal through wireless to the server. The server would then tell the location at which this signal is send from and show the information of the person.

My aim Is actually to build the whole system in an old folks home. This server should be in a room. The old folks will be roaming around in the homes, wearing this watch which will transmit out signel when “critical” limit is achieved.

The system need not show the exact location but at least let the person who is monitoring server, which level and room the signal is transmitted from.

Pinter Electronics Consultants’ answered:

Chris Pinter answers, “For the sack of simplicity here are some of the issues.

1. Location of the access point

2. Detection of the access point IP address and mapping it to a location.

3. Accuracy of the system.  How close does the location system need to represent where the person is.

4. Cost of the system

5. Time to market – Do you have time for research and time to develop the system?

6. How do you monitor the system.

I think you biggest problem right now will be a proof of concept and a project plan.   I see a number of holes in your logic that will need to be looked at .

1. Determine the range of an access point.

2. Create a prototype transmitter and test your system to determine the region of the alarm.

With this you might be able to develop a low grade non medical system as a demo.”

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