TI’s November Community Contributor Award

Written by Ashton Byrne

Texas Instruments recognizes Pinter Electronics Consultants and awards Chris Pinter the November Community Contributor Award.

Pinter Electronics Consultants has been providing online technical support services to the TI community for the last quarter. Pinter Electronics Consultants specializes in the development of low power wireless devices. The CEO and Founder of Pinter Electronics Consultants, Chris Pinter says, “The reason why we give support is to help developers get a good start on their projects.” The level of support Pinter Electronics Consultants gives is well received.

“With numerous posts the last months and excellent dedication to help other community members, Texas Instruments is proud to have (Chris Pinter of Pinter Electronics Consultants) as a member of the team “ L Giai-Miniet, TI General Manager Low Power Wireless

Pinter Electronics Consultants offers TI customers with hardware development support on many of the wireless products offered by Texas Instruments. The hardware design using these devices requires a fair amount of knowledge of microwave microstrip design, PCB layout, and impedance matching. Pinter Electronics Consultants is supporting the forum by offering direct suggestions to developers to help them solve their technical issues.

This award is very prestigious in the Texas Instruments Development community and Pinter Electronics Consultants thanks Texas instruments for this award.

To learn more about the work Pinter Electronics Consultants is doing:

OR visit the Pinter Electronics Consultants page on the TI’s website:

-Ashton Byrne, Marketing Coordinator for Pinter Electronics Consultants

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