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Written by Ashton Byrne

Pinter Electronic Consultants is celebrating a great year as we continue to provide world class project management services to the high tech community. We continue to develop resources throughout the world and as a result have been involved with many projects. The projects have been a variety of small and large contracts that have involved some very big players in the wireless product development world (i.e. Microsoft).

Pinter Electronics Consultants provides reliable solutions to achieve goals on budget and on schedule. We pride ourselves in helping companies achieve goals and become profitable. If you require a fresh perspective on your existing project or require the goals for your project to be completed, we can assist in achieving your goals and help make your project work.

Don’t believe us? Here are two, of many, companies that trusted us with their product idea.

  • Pinter Electronics Consultants lead the development of Quino Solutions latest product series, the GPS Ranger and Miletracer products. The success of Quino Solutions put the company on Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list. Under the leadership of our president Chris Pinter, Quino Solutions was listed number 20 on the list.
  • Pinter Electronics Consultants has provided service to Microsoft with the development of their ZUNE product. Working as part of the Verification Design team, we led them through the WIFI and Bluetooth product certification process.

-Chris Pinter, President of Pinter Electronics Consultants

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