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Do you need your device Wi-Fi enabled?

We help manufactures develop wireless network devices that vary from custom industrial devices to consumer items like the Zune (from Microsoft).

There is four generation of Wi-Fi Technology. 802.11a was the first technology introduced but it was not until 802.11b was released when the technology became popular. This technology is found in Laptop computers, cellular telephones and even household appliances.

802.11G channels

Today 802.11g is the most widely used technology in general use. However, 802.11n is the newest and offers the greatest flexibility and bandwidth. This new standard has the ability to create a link that has a bandwidth of 450 Mhz.

Pinter Electronics Consultants works with companies to develop leading edge technology that use 802.11 technologies to bring their technology into the wireless age. We have worked with semiconductor companies like Taiyo Yuden, Marvel Semiconductors and Texas Instruments to develop the best in 802.11 technology.

Make your product Wi-Fi enabled. Call use today.

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