Celebrating 5 years of wireless excellence

Written by Chris Pinter

January 12, 2009

We are celebrating 5 years of excellence providing wireless development and project management services.

Pinter Electronics Consultants provides engineering expertise in radio product development and project management to produce the best technology on time, on budget and with success.

Pinter Electronics Consultants are celebrating our strengths by refocusing our marketing efforts. We recently updated our website, brochure and related material to reflect the strengths of our business we have been growing over the last 5 years. Much of this work has focused on the TI low power wireless products, Bluetooth consulting as well and RF consulting and wireless engineering.

We at Pinter Electronics Consultants have found that our customers love what we do as they require but do not have the core competency to manage technology projects or develop wireless technology. Many of our customers develop software, or hardware systems but they do not have the capabilities or desire to develop radio and wireless technology. We are able to help development companies avoid the steep learning curve and financial commitment required in developing new technology like wireless product development, bluetooth engineering or Wi-Fi product development by providing these capabilities.

The future is look up as the economy creates opportunities for us to help companies develop technology for tomorrow.

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