Chris Pinter 2016

For the last several hundred years the technology industry has created progress and has changed our lives considerable. This progressive innovation has sparked the interest of many young and older professionals to get involved in this exciting and dynamic industry. Some even pursue the dream of creating a technology business.

PinterEC Technology Projects was founded in 2004, as Pinter Electronics Consultants. In our early years we offered electronic design, software development and project management services. Of course, as the years passed and the industry changed we evolved. We were asked to create a broader range of solutions as entrepreneurs and managers asked us to share our lessons learned in business growth. Today, we provide services specific to growing technology companies by helping our clients understand the growth path from concept, through the startup and growth stages into an operationally stable business.

It is true that we have worked with some very large companies in the past such as Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Northwestel(a division of Bell), Taiyo Yuden, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT). These projects have been valuable to our success and have provided insight into how these companies operate. With our focus now on small, medium and start up ventures we have worked with over 300 small tech companies and entrepreneurs. We enjoy the company of engineers, dreamers, innovators, financiers, business people and technical teams. The personalities and views about innovation, creativity and growth vary greatly among these types of people and the challenges each face are different. The secret to success is understanding what you have, the market you are in today and the direction you want to go. How to reach your goals then remains the only task and this is where we specialize. Rest assured we have been down this road before.

Heres to your success.

Chris Pinter, CEO
PinterEC Technology Projects