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We support the growth of high tech companies.

Great technology businesses start as a technology project. Greatness requires the right marketing strategy, technical innovation and execution. This requires knowledge and a strong set of business and technical capabilities to create success. Since 2004, we have been working with large, medium and small technology companies to create innovative products and value propositions. Give us a call. We can help.

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The government wants to help

Leverage government funding for technology development.

Technology development is always an investment. You either have a great idea to build or you need to improve an existing product to win more business and secure market share. Technology development can be costly and you need all the help you can get. Developers and entrepreneurs will want to leverage free and inexpensive money in order to get their goals achieved.

The Government of Canada and the provinces want to help grow the economy. They want to help technology companies with the development of innovative technology that will help grow the economy. They want to help you succeed. There is some work required to get this free money but it is well worth the effort to get some help getting to market in a timely manner.

The National Research Councils – Industrial Research Assistance Program

Technology Strategy and Process

Technology Strategy and Process

Technology development has an underlining strategy that influences the success of the project.

The challenges of developing new projects and programs can affect the operations and financing of any business. Technology businesses specifically focus on the invention of new technology and the create products that can be sold. A project such as developing a new product brings on unique challenges that can both create new opportunities and stress the regular business operations.

Technology Development

Making technology development rewarding

Need help developing your latest technology?

We have been developing technology for many years and know the ups and downs that every project goes through. We are experts in understanding the technical, organizational and team management aspects of building new technology.
The greatest technology projects have a lot in common. There is some kind of technical research achieved. This is the patent-able idea. Great technology also needs a market need and a plan to get from concept to marketable product. There are risks, goals, resources and challenges to manage. All projects have the potential to get out of hand and affect the time and budget. It is important to do it right.