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We have been developing technology for many years and know the ups and downs that every project goes through. We are experts in understanding the technical, organizational and team management aspects of building new technology.
The greatest technology projects have a lot in common. There is some kind of technical research achieved. This is the patent-able idea. Great technology also needs a market need and a plan to get from concept to marketable product. There are risks, goals, resources and challenges to manage. All projects have the potential to get out of hand and affect the time and budget. It is important to do it right.


PinterEC becomes a qualified vendor for the BC government.

April 6, 2011

Pinter Electronics Consultants Inc. (PinterEC) became a qualified project management firm for the British Columbian Government earlier this week.  Negotiations started back in September of 2010 and only this week an agreement was reached to provide quality project management services to the BC government.  This qualification allows PinterEC to assist any department in the BC government who needs professional services related to managing Information Technology (IT) and Information Management (IM) projects.


Clever piece of engineering or not? (Battery Tech)

ModCD posted the following on Element -14.

An ongoing project at my local radio club, the Ripon and District, has been to try and sort out the LF antenna. This is an end fed one, from the end of the bunker and it goes up to the eaves of the Town Hall. On the end is one of those “smart-tuner” units that’s been playing up. So whilst we were doing our 30th club birthday event, we let loose the menders.