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I have a big problem about the 26MHz crystal oscillator. I am a electronic hardware design enginner in a water meter factory. On our AMR (868MHz RF) water meter’s PCB we are using CC1101 transceiver. In the first 10K pieces of production we used 26MHz crystal with 20pF internal load capacitance (27pF capacitors were on the each pin of the crystal).  Our handheld terminals have this crystal too. We are using 26MHz crystal with 16pF load capacitance since the first production. For getting the true matching between crystal’s load capacitance and capacitors on each pin of crystal we changed the capacitors from 27pF to 20pF. They are working well too. But the problem is the handheld terminals do not communicate with the new PCBs(with 16pF load capacitance crystal). I think there is a channel shift. The PCB have same specifications, same layout, same schematic. The embedded software(in MSP430F2121) is same. And the register settings of the CC1101 is same too. Everything is same. The only difference is crystal (crystal’s load capacitance) and the capacitors connected to the pins of crystal. Does anybody help me? Thank you very much.


RSSI- Used as a sensor

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Michael asked:  “Hi Sir,   I would like to design a project that functions depending on the signal strength of a RF signal. I read about received signal strength indicator, and somehow I think this is useful info. The concept of the project is to vary the output (e.g. a transducer) depending on the signal strength of an oncoming transmitter. What IC can i use? Thanks ”