Technology Sector Trends for 2012

July 6, 2011

Chris Pinter

Since the recession of 2008 many companies have had to down size and cut costs in order to survive.  The technology that has done well in the last couple of years has either enabled customers to make money or improving processes in order to cut costs in a big way.  This trend will continue into the future as the economy recovers.  The following are the technology sectors I am watching for growth in the coming year.


  1. Green Energy

This is a trendy industry that is starting to see some real progress towards renewable resources.  I have seen many attempts to create alternative fuels and other technology to replace the oil dependent economy.  I foresee the big winners are going to be in technology that not only uses a renewable resource but also is successful in promoting changes to the requirements of how the energy is used.  It is kind of like the 400 lbs individual who needs to lose a lot of weight.  That person will fail dieting every time until there is an acceptance to the requirement of a change in life style.

  1. Cloud Computing

This technology has been around for several years and companies use private and public clouds to improve performance.  However, in the coming year we will service that take this technology to the next level.  The trend is to merger private and public cloud services so customers have more complete access to remote services.   I believe the real gains will be in the marketing these services to the main stream market, enabling ridged companies to slowly adopt this new technology and move away from owning IT infrastructure.

  1. Mobile Applications

This has been around for a while through blackberry and Iphone technology.  However with the explosive growth in Googles Android has reached the industries critical mass.  Hardware will start to wean but application development will see a surge in the common year to meet the needs of this new user base.


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